Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Dying Gaul

The image of the dying warrior is a classical motif that has been revisited countless times in art history, each time taking on a new meaning. During the Renaissance, the pose was typically reserved for the Passion of Christ or the Martydom of the Apostles. In Napoleanic times, David painted  "Death of Marat" as a variation on that theme and pose but used for political propaganda. For this, DaLawn reclined in a casual dying pose so that there was adequate anatomy showing. In addition to the vine charcoal, I attempted a scratchboard to approximate a silverpoint as well as an ink on bristol drawing.

Alpha Gale

This print is first image of  "Gale" within the disaster series. As with "Deluge," "Conflagration," and "Eruption," this "Alpha" is an etching with aquatint. Being lost in the wind is a harsh thing to imagine as it attacks multiple senses and leaves you completely discombobulated. However, the wind is the easiest disaster to escape if you have adequate shelter.