Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Patriot

This etching was conceived as part of a continuing series project with my fellow print-makers called Dialogues. My piece is titled: The Patriot and is pretty self explanatory.

The Artist's Studio

These five graphite line drawings when complete will be part of a portfolio series I am creating depicting the artist studio. I host a live model session every Monday night for 4 years now and I felt it appropriate to document the process and participating artists in a way that pays homage to the artistic practice of painting/drawing one's studio space.


Sometimes it is just fun to go off on tangents during live model sessions and experiment with different styles, techniques or media. These three pieces above let me explore certain ideas that had been rummaging in my mind for quite some time:  graphic novel, multiple takes of the same pose and fantasy illustration. It goes without saying that some kind of reference is always needed when trying to get a pose or look just right. It is impractical to always use live models, hence the brilliant utility of the photograph. These studies give tremendous insight into how to approach the work in this fashion in the future. Waiting for a Grey Hound is in graphite, Duel Natured is in colored pencil and Micheal's Lament is in charcoal.