Sunday, March 9, 2014

20th Century Ink

The greatest stain left on history during the 20th century is the undeniably horrific use of genocide as a political tool and military tactic. From the Armenian Genocide through the Holocaust and the Khmer Rouge through Darfur, the 20th century was by far the bloodiest in human history. The unfortunate thing is that the grip from the shadow of the past has held fast and is showing strong signs of continuing unabated going into the 21st century. This piece was conceived for a tattoo based exhibition by imagining the sickening use of the bureaucratic efficiency employed by the Nazis to brand prisoners in the death camps. It portrays but a small portion of all the known recorded genocides. While the numbers killed are accurate to the best of my knowledge, they are more or less is irrelevant, for our collective humanity is forever stained by the ideologies that spawned the hatred to commit these acts in the first place. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Actor

This piece is titled First Act/Final Act and it makes up the Actor aspect of a new series focusing on the Arts and Humanities. The viewing public tends to see only the finished work, be it play, television, or film, and do not realize the tremendous amount or work and preparation that goes into it. The actor's job is so taxing because they must empty themselves so that they become a vessel for the soul of the character. It is a tremendous drain but ultimately fulfills their need to understand the human condition.

Vanguard of Light & The Highest Echelon

These two prints are part of the Heroes/Villains series and they constitute the Soldier and the Banker aspects. An individual indoctrinated into any military thought process is not given the luxury of distinguishing between moral action and successful mission accomplishment. Whichever side one is on in any conflict, the cannon fodder are but the instruments of expressing foreign policy and expanding a nation's influence. On the ground a soldier must believe that their action are just otherwise they will either go insane or freeze in a combat situation. A volunteer based armed force that is split between true ideologues, career opportunists and those so desperate for employment they take this lowest base of work opportunities, can only work cohesively if the psychological branding is unbreakable. The cruelest irony is that in the name of spreading "light" "freedom" and "equality" one must commit the worst of atrocities as well as permanently damage one's own mind and body. Their sacrifice always goes to benefit only those that belong to the next image. The control of wealth and the power and influence that it breeds is a direct result of undeniable exploitation of the vast majority or humanity. On the sweat, labor and blood of those who work and produce ride those that do nothing but manage. This burden cannot last for either those that bear it will collapse or they will rise up in a violent overthrow.