Saturday, May 28, 2016

Heroes/Villains - Educator & Journalist

The role of the educator is to prepare individuals for the future by giving them the greatest tool they could possibly have: an unconstrained intellect. Education is but one aspect of success of course, without application and adaptation it is completely inert. The etching The Luminous Mind is a celebration of those who bring wonder and give children the keys to knowledge. Knowledge coupled with experience helps bring about wisdom, but that road is all too often diverted or blocked by those who would be threatened by an enlightened population. The social, economic and political power brokers use every tool in their arsenal of control. The most powerful, of course, is public perception and opinion via media. The etching In Malformation expresses the frustration those who wish to expose the truth, the Journalists, must experience in a media environment that is mostly owned and controlled by those interests that actively seek to obscure and manipulate the truth.