Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sculpture from drawing to maquette to 1up

For this pose, Mason had to find a comfortable postion and stay nearly still as any slouching, change in angle or sagging would alter the entire anatomy. I started with a series of drawings from various points of view, then created a rough maquette with Roma Plastilina. The final sculpt began with a heavy gauge (6) aluminum wire acting as an armature on which the plastilina is built on. The scale is 3 inches per foot. I choose to leave the surface rough with my finger indentations visible so that I can have the worked in look of a Rodin, who is my favorite sculptor in all of art history. When I have finished touching up the detail, I will have to find a way to create an easy to assemble series of molds which will allow me to make wax positives that I can make bronze casts out of.

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