Friday, July 30, 2010

Back Studies

It goes without saying that the hands and feet are the most difficult parts of the human anatomy to capture perfectly, followed of course by the face. The one part of the anatomy that is often overlooked is the back. There are so many subtle variances in the structures of the scapula, ribs and spine as well as all the muscle groups making the back frustrating to get right. Above are partial back studies of Tiffany focusing on the scapula. The vine charcoal allowed me to focus on the movement of the torso while the silverpoint focused on the projecting surfaces.


Me'chanted said...

May I have permission to use this beautiful image on our Facebook page about chiropractic health? I will certainly credit the art to you and link to your site.
The page I wish to incorporate the drawing into is on facebook titled, "Dr. Tony Talks"
Here is the link:
We've just started it and don't have many followers yet, but plan to start an advertising campaign.
Thank you!

Fotios Zemenides said...

Sure, that would be fine, just please include a credit and a link to the blog.