Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kierkegaard’s Dilemma

This image is an etching from the disease aspect of the series The Four. While doctors take an oath to do no harm, they are inevitably corrupted by the constraints of capitalism that dictate medical care. As an individual patient, one does not exist nor have a personal nor profound purpose, but simply acts as a vessel for data to be harvested from. Physicians have the deepest desire to heal, but their spirits are broken and thus they lose their humanity. Ultimately the patient pays the price, especially those without adequate financial resources to accommodate the care they truly require.


Joe Kegler said...

Great etching Foti, very powerful, one frame and to the point! Excellent, I think your best work so far! I want to buy a copy. In part to what your explanation is but also for the continued "reminder" of the frailty of man. This inevitably leads us to that universal and inescapable point of exit/entrance scenario we will individually face.

Fotios Zemenides said...

Thanks Joe, very much appreciated man. You are correct with that analysis, Kierkegaard was constantly trying to find the place and purpose of the individual and one's importance in relation within the institutions that governed man's life, in his time the church, but today it is applied to the corporate dominated existence we all live through.