Thursday, October 4, 2007

Drawing the Human Figure 1

This nude figure study was drawn using hard vine charcoal. The charcoal stick is sanded with a fine grit paper to a very fine point (the powder is saved for method #2 which I will describe tomorrow). Each mark is applied very lightly and in a consistant direction with build up and some contour hatching to darken areas. The figure is drawn at the 6 head scale and a sight sizing tool is used. The model must be in a relatively comfortable and recreatable position as it takes several hours to complete. Jerry here was sitting on a sturdy cushion. The artist must take care to not press hard or draw past a certain thickness of the point. Erasure is done by lifting with kneeded gum. There is no smearing in this method.

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Anonymous said...

why you be drawing naked mens, bro??